Light Therapy Lamp - Day Break

  |   Brand: La Luna

Cold white light: 10,000 lux Warm white light: 6000 lux 10 to 60 minute timer UV free LED life: 30,000 hours Power adapter: 100- 240 V Dimensions: 23.5 x 14.2 x 1.6 cm Description Light Therapy Lamp - Day Break Clarity of mind and joy of heart. White and blue lights are the most frequently used, but the color does not affect the effectiveness of light therapy. the choice of the color of the light is only a question of exposure comfort. Cold White Light 6000-6500K: Dubbed blue white, cold white light is between 4,600 ° K and 6500 ° K. Bright lighting positively influences our feeling of well-being, but also our level of concentration and motivation. Warm White Light 2800-3200K: Warm white light is between 2500 ° K and 3000 ° K. It evokes natural light and will produce a warm atmosphere.