|   Brand: Le Comptoir Aroma

Recycled bamboo

Diffusion mode: 2 hours continuous mode by fan cold diffusion
Covers up to 215 sq.ft
Light colour: 7 multicoloured lights or selection of one colour
Power: USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery
Dimensions: diameter 3.9 x height 2 inches
Heart Chakra is the fourth.

It is the balance point between all the chakras.

It is associated with self-love, happiness, interior sun and the desire to enter into a relationship with others.

Place the diffuser on a flat surface.

Twist and remove the cap on top of the diffuser.

Pour a few drops of essential oils onto the absorbent pad.

Place the pad into the diffuser and replace the cap.

The diffuser uses a USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery.

USB cable: connect the cable to the jack on the back of the diffuser then plug the cable into a USB port.
Lithium rechargeable battery (included inside): push the ON/OFF button to start function.