|   Brand: Le Comptoir Aroma

Recycled bamboo

Diffusion mode: 2 hours continuous mode by fan cold diffusion
Covers up to 215 sq.ft
Light colour: 7 multicoloured lights or selection of one colour
Power: USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery
Dimensions: diameter 3.9 x height 2 inches
The Root Chakra is the first.

The Root chakra is located at the base of your spine and supports the rest of the chakra system.

Its energy is highly responsive to everything connecting to feelings of security, stability and calmness.

Place the diffuser on a flat surface.

Twist and remove the cap on top of the diffuser.

Pour a few drops of essential oils onto the absorbent pad.

Place the pad into the diffuser and replace the cap.

The diffuser uses a USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery.

USB cable: connect the cable to the jack on the back of the diffuser then plug the cable into a USB port.
Lithium rechargeable battery (included inside): push the ON/OFF button to start function.