Ondée 30ml

  |   Brand: Bio Énergie

Protective shield L'Ondée acts as a protective scent against energetic vampirism and protects against subtle egotistical attacks. It behaves, on the subtle planes, like a solvent for mental or emotional creations. If every time you meet a friend, you tell yourself my god, she’s exhausting me. Remember to bring the Ondée with you at your next meeting. Anti-aggressiveness The Ondée is one of the most impressive products in this line. All the products act on us and some on the environment. But for Ondée, we see the effect on the environment and on other people; which is even more convincing. Its effectiveness is remarkable in contact with negative or destabilized people (particularly aggressive thought forms), as soon as they try to invade the living space of the person. Sensitive person Essential protection for internal balance, the Ondée is recommended for all people sensitive or exposed to human contact (adolescents, teachers, therapists) ... Black magic Ondée is useful against negative thoughts and black magic because it produces a mirror effect and returns the negative to the person who sends it. Closes passages between shots Ondée can also be used on reflective surfaces (mirrors, windows ...), to permanently close unwanted passages between the physical plane and the subtle planes.