Lapis 30ml

  |   Brand: Bio Énergie

Increased chance Lapis is a subtle aromatic essence of luck and prosperity. It helps to fight against our internal programming and our often unconscious anchorings of "bad luck". Our natural encoding (family, professional, emotional ...) attracts, in our internal structure, brakes, even defeats. This little-known law of "luck" actually consists of a large part of our unconscious will. Positive programming The energetic fluid of the Lapis spagyric perfume is very stimulating. It reprograms in our bodies and our aura a sincere desire for success, ingenuity, imagination and prosperity. It acts on the quality of dreams which can become indicators of solutions. Positive attitude Because your attitude changes, your perceptions change, you allow new things to happen. Lapis increases your will, your inner strength and allows you to discover the warrior who lives in you. Tired of saying yes when you would like to say no, this product will help you do that. Greater self-esteem helps us to respect ourselves. Self-confidence Even if we doubt the effects of spagyria, if we breathe the Lapis perfume without our knowledge, changes will take place in us unconsciously. The people around us observe changes in the way we dress, walk, look, posture and also the responses we say become more positive and reflect greater self-confidence. Usage tips : Spray Lapis over your head or in rooms once a day. If you are self-employed and your calendar is full, stop using it while you are getting your breath back. Do not abuse this product as it affects the third eye and you may be dizzy. Programming We recommend spraying Lapis and saying your goals, your plans or your requests to the universe aloud.