Secret d'Ambre 30ml

  |   Brand: Bio Énergie

Energy shield Secret d'Ambre increases our vitality, creating a bubble of condensed energy around our body, in order to strengthen our vital shield. Secret d'Ambre stimulates the functioning of the chakras and restores energy balance. Willingness and concentration Le Secret d'Ambre causes a development of the character thanks to its effect on the element fire stimulating the will, the self-confidence, as well as the tenacity and the perseverance Creativity Ideal for actors, speakers, composers, writers and painters because Secret d'Ambre increases our concentration, keeps us focused. Action Secret d'Ambre is a restructuring of the psychic bodies, and a powerful catalyst of energy, ideal for periods of extreme fatigue or convalescence. A different action than the lapis product, Secret d'Ambre is less warlike, more feminine as felt, a sweet and stimulating smell without the performance aspect that it felt with lapis. Usage tips : - Creativity and strength For creators, speakers, healthy people, spraying Secret d'Ambre above the head is often enough, but many people also like to apply it on both hips to create an energy bubble. - Fatigue and convalescence For tired or recovering people, make 6 sprays of Secret d'Ambre: one above the head then at the level of the 2 shoulders, one at the level of the navel and at the level of the 2 hips which creates a bubble of restructuring energy . This treatment can be repeated a second time during the day, at the latest 4 hours before bedtime. As soon as the person has more strength, only one Secret d'Ambre treatment per day at the 6 point level, then the number of vaporized points is reduced. Maintain a spray above the head and one per hip for a month when all is well in order to consolidate the work.